The 7mm Narrow Gauge Association aims to encourage the modelling of
narrow gauge railways at a scale of or around 7mm to 1 foot (1:43)

O-9 Picture Galleries

Here is a further selection of picture galleries of layouts and individual models in O-9 scale. There will in due course also be a few examples of prototype inspiration. Simply click on the Gallery thumbnail to view and appreciate the work of many excellent modellers!

Raven Hill (Graham Watling)
Following on from the diorama in a drawer (Subject of another gallery), my wife and I started to build 'Raven Hill' on two baseboards, each 43x20in. We tackled the scenic 'hillside' board first, then started to plan the arrangement of buildings on the station/village board. Here are a few photos of the layout so far with various trains posed.

Hubbard's Hills (Ian Jopson)
Ian’s layout, at the moment under construction, is a privately owned estate railway. From a station area, it runs through a valley scene and enters a cassette system fiddle yard. The platform, station building and an estate gatehouse has been constructed so far.

Initial rolling stock comprises a locomotive and two toastrack style coaches - 3D prints by Tebee. Two more similar trains are planned.

A Selection of O-9 Locomotives
See captions for each image for further details.

Townshend Gardens (Aneurin Redman-White)
These photos are of my micro layout 'Townshend Gardens', named for my friend Jess and her love of garden railways. It's built in an old Amstrad computer case measuring just 24×16in and represents a small 15in gauge park railway somewhere in England in the last 25 years. This is my first project as an adult modeller and my first in 7mm scale. It was intended to be small, portable, easy to build, and provide a fun way to test and showcase locos and stock.

The green locomotive is "Peridot", a Minimum Gauge Models body on an Arnold chassis. The orange one is "Pumpkin", an A1 Models body on a Tomytec chassis. All rolling stock is scratchbuilt in plasticard on Peco and Arnold chassis. Track is Peco OO-9, and scenery is from a range of sources including Skytrex castings.

Shifting Sands (Colin Peake)
Shifting Sands is an O-9 representation of a seaside miniature railway in the relatively small space of 3ft x 2ft. Taking inspiration from the 15” gauge railways at Fairbourne and Cleethorpes it was built at a time when many O-9 layouts represented industrial or estate systems.

Motive power is a mixture of ‘scale’ and narrow gauge outline equipment. The green scale-outline Pacific is scratch built using an N gauge mechanism and parts and based on a prototype constructed by Trevor Guest of Stourbridge.

The blue freelance diesel at the end of the loop was the builder’s first O-9 locomotive project and is made from Dapol 4mm scale Railbus and Drewery Shunter parts. The general style is of the post-WWII period where seaside lines were a popular part of the seaside holiday.

An unusual machine is the vertical boiler tram locomotive ‘Flower of the Forest’, outside the loco shed. Based on a prototype built at Ravenglass in 1985 and seeing use at the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway for a period 10-15 years later.

Diorama in a Drawer (Graham Watling)
An operating diorama built in an upturned drawer. The “baseboard” area was only 20in x 4.5in, but it would give me the opportunity to try out my new chosen scale, O-9, and also have something on which to run and photograph new models.

Pictures from an artist’s watercolour calendar were cut out to use on the backscene to give more depth and, as usual with my layouts, my wife made the greenery. A rigid LED lighting strip was fixed into the top to light the scene. My first O-9 models were Unit Models kits, but I built the first two coaches using the bodies of OO scale Hornby GWR 4-wheelers.

Tractor Locomotives (Chris Seago)
Four O-9 locos based on diecast tractors, inspired by a R Hudson of Leeds loco built from a Fordson tractor. The bases and cabs etc. are scratchbuilt from plasticard and use a Kato tram chassis. The original model, the light grey Fordson loco, was entered in the Norfolk & Suffolk Narrow Gauge Modellers Group Challenge in 2019. The conversions are (left to right) 1931 Lanz 15-30 Bulldog; 1917 Fordson F; 1934 Super Landini and a Soviet built version of an International Harvester Farmall Regular.

Sarah's Yard (Sarah Close)
Sarah’s Yard is a small bookshelf layout, measuring just 75cm x 30cm, created by Sarah Close. Most of the stock is scratch built, using Kato chassis under the locomotives and Peco N scale wagon chassis under the rolling stock. The scratch built low relief buildings give the impression of a typical small industrial yard.

Fitzwilliam Basin (Andrew Booth)
Fitzwilliam Basin is a fictional layout based on buildings from the village of Elsecar in Yorkshire. About 90% of the buildings are in place.

Thomas & Sons (Stephen Clulow)
Thomas & Sons is designed as a home shunting layout. It depicts the yard of a fictional engineering works. The scenic area is just 530mm (21in) wide by 470mm (18.5in) deep. This occupies the centre and there are two traversers, one on either side. The buildings are made from components by LCUT. The stone setts are DAS clay, embossed using a range of small tools. The little Ruston is an old KB Scale kit, converted to run under DCC control. More information here: