How to Log in

 We have now introduced individual member's log-ins. You will have been advised of your login details with the February mailing (Narrow News 199). Please ensure that you do NOT throw away the cover sheet.

To log-in:-

In the Membership No. box, type your membership number. You do NOT need leading zeros.

In the Password box, type the characters you were advised of with NN 199

Then click [Login]

(The temporary universal log-in using membership number 1000 and password 'password' will only remain available for the next few weeks)

Difficulty Logging in?

When people are unable to log in, 99% percent of the time it means they have entered their password incorrectly. Please check very carefully.

The most common problem is having Caps Lock switched on (which it really never should be unless you have to type a series of capitals - the Shift key is there for single capitals) so check that first.

The next most common are, simply, typing errors - especially transposing characters. It can be a good idea, if problems persist, to open an instance of notepad ) or your favourite text editor and then check that you have actually typed what you think you have. You can even select it and copy it (Ctrl+c) and paste it into the password box (Ctrl+v).

And then, of course, one can simply forget one's password. There is a "Lost Password" facility, when one has failed to login if needed. But, please remember that we MUST have your email address (See "My Details") to offer a reasonably secure way of dealing with this.

The final reason is that there is a problem with your connection or the server. In both cases, this can generally be resolved by simply waiting for a few minutes and then trying again. Bear in mind, that if you use a wireless connection which is not properly secured, someone else could be using all your bandwidth to download a porn film!