The 7mm Narrow Gauge Association aims to encourage the modelling of
narrow gauge railways at a scale of or around 7mm to 1 foot (1:43)

Picture Galleries

We are slowly but surely building a gallery of pictures of layouts, individual models and even some trade supplies which are in, or about 7mm scale. Simply click on the Gallery thumbnail to view.

You can see a separate gallery dedicated to On30 for our members who model in that scale/gauge - click here for On30 gallery

Bodger's End
A few images of Bodger's End by Brian Cameron, a member of the Surrey Area Group

Old Tom's Mine
A few images of a small layout by Mike Reed of the Surrey Area Group

A small selection of images of 'Touchwood', a layout by Nick Pidgley, a member of the Surrey Area Group that has been and exhibited on a number of occasions.

Bradford Member's Day 2016
A few pictures from Bradford Member's Day, 12th November 2016 (Photos copyright Frank Sharp)

AGM / Exhibition 2016 - Layouts
This album contains a selection of the layouts that were displayed at our Exhibition in June 2016.

Blakecaster was originally built by the late Mervyn Axson and completed by the now late Howard Clarke.

Glanrafon by Frank Sharp
Photos of Glanrafon Quarry North Wales. The huge waste tips are dwarfed by Snowdon. Even more so the seeming huge ex SAR Garrett with its train crossing the bridge in the trees at the bottom left. The North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways ran out of money at South Snowdon the ruins of which are just off picture to the left. Glanrafon quarry had to buy shares in an already bankrupt railway and give them £50 to have the bridge put in!

Chassis Building Class
Held at a Bradford Member's Day. (Photos by Dave Butler)

The Brickworks

Watchet Town
Photos of Peter Jackson's layout, Watchet Town. Watchet Town appeared in Narrow Lines 211 and the July 2015 issue of Railway Modeller. (All photos copyright Peter Jackson)

AGM/Exhibition 2001
A selection of images of layouts and competition entrants at the 2001 AGM held in Loughborough.

Talyllyn Railway
Talyllyn Railway, 1st June 2013 (Photos copyright Neil Smith)

Photos of the "original" Tan-y-Bwlch station taken during September 2012. (Photos copyright 7mmNGA/David Charlesworth)

AGM/Exhibition 2012
A wide selection of images from the 2012 AGM and Exhibition. (Photos copyright 7mmNGA/Frank Sharp)

AGM/Exhibition 2010
Some photos of layouts and individual models from our 2010 AGM and Exhibition. (Photos copyright 7mmNGA/B M Elter)

AGM/Exhibition 2009
Some photos of layouts and individual models from our 2009 AGM and Exhibition. (Photos copyright 7mmNGA/Nigel Auckland)