The 7mm Narrow Gauge Association aims to encourage the modelling of
narrow gauge railways at a scale of or around 7mm to 1 foot (1:43)

Shifting Sands (Colin Peake) Picture Gallery

Shifting Sands is an O-9 representation of a seaside miniature railway in the relatively small space of 3ft x 2ft. Taking inspiration from the 15” gauge railways at Fairbourne and Cleethorpes it was built at a time when many O-9 layouts represented industrial or estate systems.

Motive power is a mixture of ‘scale’ and narrow gauge outline equipment. The green scale-outline Pacific is scratch built using an N gauge mechanism and parts and based on a prototype constructed by Trevor Guest of Stourbridge.

The blue freelance diesel at the end of the loop was the builder’s first O-9 locomotive project and is made from Dapol 4mm scale Railbus and Drewery Shunter parts. The general style is of the post-WWII period where seaside lines were a popular part of the seaside holiday.

An unusual machine is the vertical boiler tram locomotive ‘Flower of the Forest’, outside the loco shed. Based on a prototype built at Ravenglass in 1985 and seeing use at the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway for a period 10-15 years later.

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