The 7mm Narrow Gauge Association aims to encourage the modelling of
narrow gauge railways at a scale of or around 7mm to 1 foot (1:43)

The Texas Santa Fe & Northern Railroad - Reborn Picture Gallery

After Dave Angell's premature passing in 2015, his widow, Angela, generously donated Dave's three On30 modules to the On30 Track & Trestle Modular Group (OTT), of the Slim Gauge Circle, of which Dave had been a long-time member. In the meantime, his 17ft by 10ft layout, the Texas, Santa Fe & Northern Railroad, (see separate Gallery album), languished in his garage, untouched for three years. Angela asked the Association to advertise the layout in Narrow News, but after a year of only marginal interest, given it's unusual dimensions, it was clear that the layout would be unlikely to find a new home. Plans were made to eBay it and accept that it would most likely to be broken up for its buildings. Two of Dave's friends and members of the OTT, Jon Evans and Richard Coney, hatched a plan to purchase one half of the layout each. This was relatively easily accomplished as it had been built for occasional exhibition outings and could be disassembled into five boards of varying sizes. To cut a long story short, the family agreed to the proposal, as Dave's handiwork would live on, albeit in two sections. As result, Richard Coney took the two straight boards and Jon the three containing a two level helix, with impressive trestle bridge and mine buildings above. Richard has since incorporated his boards into his existing modular layout, one end by a slight readjustment of two of Dave's sidings and the other end by the creation of two new boards. Work continues on these. In the meantime, Richard started posting photos of Dave's finished boards, together with a selection of his rolling stock, variously lettered for the TSF&NRR, Southern Pine Lumber co. and Consolidated Republic Mining Co., on one of the well known Facebook On30 forums. What follows is a selection of these photos offered for your entertainment and, hopefully, inspiration.
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