The 7mm Narrow Gauge Association aims to encourage the modelling of
narrow gauge railways at a scale of or around 7mm to 1 foot (1:43)

Bogies and Trucks

At present, there are two Association exclusive designs of bogie available.

 Simple resin bogies are supplied complete with Alan Gibson 10.5mm curly spoke wheelsets.




Cast white metal bogies are supplied either assembled with Kadee 10.5mm diameter wheels, or as a kit of parts with no wheels.





We also stock bogies from Ratio and American design trucks from Kadee and Grandt Line (mostly for On3), which may of course also find use under other prototypes. These are listed below. The Ratio bogies are originally intended for 4mm scale use and supplied as kits in plastic.

Please note that the Kadee products are temporarily unavailable.

Prices: (remember that members receive a discount of 10% on these prices, along with free post & packing)

7mm NGA Resin Bogies (1 pair)
Association AS100
7mm NGA White Metal Bogies (1 pair) with Kadee 10.5mm wheels
Association AS101
7mm NGA White Metal Bogies (Kit) without wheels
Diamond Frame Bogies (4mm Scale) (1 pair)
Plate Frame Wagon Bogies (4mm Scale) (1 pair)
Arch Bar Truck 15mm wheelbase; 9.6mm dia. wheels (1 pair)
Kadee KD503
Arch Bar Truck (KD501) with integral whicker coupler (1 pair)
Kadee KD513
ASF Truck, long wheelbase; 10.5mm dia. wheels
Kadee KD593 Arch Bar Truck with electric pick-ups (1 pair)
Grandt Line
3029 Bettendorf Freight Truck On3 £11.00
Grandt Line 3054  Narrow Gauge Wooden Trucks On3 £13.00
Grandt Line 3073  4ft 8" Andrews Freight Car Truck On3 £10.50
Grandt Line 3076  D&RGW Caboose Truck On3 £10.20
Grandt Line 3077  4ft 8" Archbar Truck On3 £11.00
Grandt Line 3113  Sandy River On30 4ft Wheelbase Truck Frame (No Wheels) £5.50