The 7mm Narrow Gauge Association aims to encourage the modelling of
narrow gauge railways at a scale of or around 7mm to 1 foot (1:43)

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NLE02 The English Narrow Gauge - Historic Drawings £6.00
NLE03 Scrapbook of Narrow Gauge Drawings £6.00
NLE04 Narrow Gauge Drawings - Reprinted from Early Issues of Narrow Lines £6.00
NLE05 Welsh Highland Railway - Locomotive and Rolling Stock Drawings £6.00
NLE06 The Irish Narrow Gauge - Scale Drawings £7.00
NLE07 More Narrow Gauge Drawings - Reprinted from Narrow Lines £6.00
NLE08 The Festiniog Railway - Historic Drawings £8.00
NLE09 Buildings & Structures - Scale Drawings £6.00
NLE10 Another Selection of Drawings - Reprinted from Narrow Lines £6.00
NLE11 Ravenglass & Eskdale - A Modellers Guide £6.00
NLE12 The Festiniog Railway: Preservation Era Drawings £12.00
HB01 Getting Started in 7mm Narrow Gauge £6.00
HB05 Getting Rolling £7.50
HB06 On30 Handbook £7.50
HB07 Small Layouts Handbook £7.50
HB08 Buildings Handbook £9.00
HB02 Going Minimum Gauge £12.50
HB09 The 7mm Narrow Gauge Modeller's Handbook £2.50
BNL01 Narrow Lines Binders £16.00
HB10 Going Narrow Gauge £9.00