The 7mm Narrow Gauge Association aims to encourage the modelling of
narrow gauge railways at a scale of or around 7mm to 1 foot (1:43)

Isle of Man Narrow Gauge

The Isle of Man was and is home to a number of narrow gauge railways. The principal lines are noted below. Due to the lack of trade support for the correct 21mm gauge for most of these and, at the same time, the characteristic locomotives, rolling stock and railcars in our chosen scale, models in 7mm scale of these attractive systems are few, although they can be frequently found in both larger and smaller scales.

The Isle of Man Railways (IoMR)

Once an extensive network on the 3ft gauge, there remains one major line south from Douglas, the capital, to Port Erin. Managed these days by the Government, the regular services in the summer months are an excellent way to appreciate this type of historic narrow-gauge general service railway, operated by steam. You can even board and alight by the airport. There are many useful publications to find out more of the network's history.





 The Manx Electric Railway (MER)

This is a 3ft gauge interurban tramway, a pioneer of electrification and still using much of the original rolling stock. The original route north from Douglas to Ramsey remains intact and, like the steam railway, is today operated by the IoM Government during the summer season.







 The Snaefell Mountain Railway (SMR)

The SMR is a mountain tramway, using the 3ft 6in gauge. This was originally chosen so allow the use of the central raised Fell braking rail which would not fit in bogies designed for the 3ft gauge of the MER with which it connects at Laxey.  The whole line remains, again Government operated through the summer season.







The Groudle Glen Railway (GGR)

Built in the late Victorian era purely as a tourist attraction, the 2ft gauge GGR fell into disuse by the early 1960s. Restored by volunteers, reaching its original length in 1992. Operated by volunteers during the summer season, the line does what it always did and is delightful, using some original and reproduction rolling stock.