The 7mm Narrow Gauge Association aims to encourage the modelling of
narrow gauge railways at a scale of or around 7mm to 1 foot (1:43)

Bogie Coach Kit


For many years now Peco have sold their 4 wheel coach kit for O-16.5, based on the GVT prototype. It is possible to build several variants of this to give some variety to your model. The Association is pleased to offer a kit of parts to make a bogie coach using the standard coach and an additional set of coach sides and roof. The coach comes in two colours, maroon and green, with gold lining already applied to the sides.

When ordering please remember to specify the colour, maroon or green.
Couplings are not included. Use either your own preference or, if using Kadees, #146 are recommended.

The kit can be supplied without bogies if you wish to use a different type.

A set of instructions as previously featured in our Getting Started Handbook (4th Edition, Quick Start project 3) is included. These can be downloaded here
Note: If you make the End Beams from the black plasticard supplied, there will be a Peco Coach chassis remaining for another project.

Contents of kit:

Use Description
 4-wheel coach  Peco OR31 (Maroon) or OR32 (Green) coach kit
 Coach sides and roof  7mmNGA coach extension kit (Maroon or Green)
 Bogies  Ratio 125 diamond frame bogies
 Floor, seats and bogie packing  0.030" white plastic card
 Sides joining strip and Queen Posts  1mm x 1.5mm styrene strip
 Roof joining strip  0.25mm x 3.2mm styrene strip
 Glazing  0.010" clear plastic card
 Door handles  7mmNGA brass (9 off)
 Grab handles  0.8mm brass rod
 Truss rods and posts  1/16" styrene rod
 Solebars  Styrene channel
 End beams  0.040" black plastic card

 Prices: (remember that members receive a discount of 10% on these prices, along with free post & packing)

R125 Diamond Frame Bogies (4mm Scale) (1 pair)       £3.95
AS31 Peco O-16.5 Bogie Coach Kit Complete - Maroon (Temporarily Out of Stock)       £43.00
AS31a Peco O-16.5 Bogie Coach Kit - Maroon - without bogies (Temporarily Out of Stock)       £39.25
AS32 Peco O-16.5 Bogie Coach Kit Complete - Green (Temporarily Out of Stock)       £43.00
AS32a Peco O-16.5 Bogie Coach Kit - Green - without bogies (Temporarily Out of Stock)       £39.25